Football Betting System - How to Win Money Betting On Football

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Looking to wager on a sporting event? Don't guess off the top of your head. Get a sports betting system and make winning selection. The sports books have a system and you need a proven sports betting system in order to have a chance.

Sports betting is huge business. I am here in Nevada where according to the American Gaming Association 2.57 billion dollars was wagered in 2009. That only accounts for about 1 percent of all sports bet nationwide. That is crazy money, how many people are out there better with no sports betting system in place.

Most people place sports wager because they like to bet on their favorite team. It brings in a greater thrill for the fan. These betters have no betting system in place. They just bet their favorite team and bet against their favorite team's rival. It is probably safe to say that these better do not make a living with this strategy.

Now if you are looking to profit from sports betting then first never bet with your heart and second use a sports betting system. They are so many ways to handicap sports. There statistical match ups, trends and revenge factors. A proven sports betting system will account for all these variables.

Most professional handicappers use a sports betting system. This is the base of their business. A sports betting system for a sports handicappers is like hand tools to an auto mechanic. It is vital that you have a system in place if you are serious about wining money regularly.

Not only do you need a sports betting system but you must discipline yourself to follow the system. A good system is created on percentages and to make use of that you must consistently follow the system. Wandering away from the system, will only make winning difficult.

Money management is key to any sports betting system. You must start with a bankroll and only small units of that bankroll for each selected game. Never go all in and bet the house on one game. So many people after a couple of loses will bet the balance of their bankroll on one game.  It they lose then it all over, If they win well they are good until they fall in that predicament again. They will fail simple because they are not following a sports betting system.


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Troy Powers is a 20 year resident of Las Vegas an avid sports better. He does use and fully recommends following a Football betting system.


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Football Betting System - How to Win Money Betting On Football

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This article was published on 2010/12/14